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I love sports. I love sports rivalries. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a UCLA Bruin, class of 2003. By definition that means I hate the USC Trojans.  One of my greatest sports moments came when I attended the 2006 Football game where UCLA knocked USC out of the BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl, 13-9.  Granted, the UCLA-USC Football rivalry doesn't compare to Michigan-Ohio State, nor does their Basketball rivalry approach Duke-North Carolina, but these are the top two athletic departments in college sports with campuses separated by just 10 miles.  They are each other's main rival in each of the 19 sports in which they both compete, and they often dominate the college sports landscape.

I gather data from the Information Departments of both schools, as well as from both team's official websites.  Some information was also taken from the great book by former Los Angeles Times sportswriter Lonnie White entitled, "UCLA vs. USC: 75 Years of the Greatest Rivalry in Sports."




"UCLA vs. USC: 75 Years of the Greatest Rivalry in Sports"
by Lonnie White

Richard D. Rapp (USC class of 2012) whose research through the SC archives provided the Men's Swimming yearly results



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